Our Beliefs about Learning

Our Beliefs about Learning

ØWe will strive to be W.I.S.E. 




ØWe will speak and treat all others with respect.
ØWe will respect others personal space and property.


 ØAll students have the right to learn and teacher the right to teach. Our behaviours will allow this to happen.



ØWe will always strive towards Self Mastery.



ØWe will follow all reasonable instructions from staff.



ØWe will all follow our agreed classroom protocols.





















I value my personal and community wellbeing.




Social – I can develop positive relationships with my family, peers and community.




Emotional/Mental – I understand myself and my feelings. I have strategies to cope with challenges and seek help when needed.




Spiritual – I have developed my own beliefs and values that create peace and happiness in my life.




Community – I enjoy a sense of belonging, engagement and responsibility in my community.




Environmental – I recognise my connection to my environment and the importance of my impact on it.




Intellectual – I seek to learn new concepts, improve skills and seek challenges as a lifelong learner.




Physical – I understand the importance of caring for my physical self through nutrition, exercise and self-care.








I am honest, trustworthy and respectful of myself and my community.








I can be a make positive, strong decisions about my behaviour and actions. (Play is the Way)








I am able to understand how others may be feeling by thinking about their perspective. I care about others.